There may not be pretty leaves, but at least I can blog.

Personal; Notes: When I have a tough time remembering something I wiggle my nose like a bunny (think Bewitched), and/or flutter my fingers, like I'm about to point to something. It's my own Blind Amethyst's Bluff, and I'm calling it.

It's November which, for a large portion of the county, means the trees have turned beautiful colors and begun to shed their leaves. Not so much where I live. We're a little too close to a tropical climate to get many broadleaf trees here (the closest-outside of Old Oaks-we come is Pecan trees), so our trees feel lucky if it gets cold enough for them to pull off the 'dead' look. Our poor trees; they want so badly to go Goth, but that freaking Gulf of Mexico air just keeps washing away their black sap knot-liner.

Anyway, since my fall is my favorite season but this backwards state doesn't know what it's doing, November becomes special for another reason: NaBloPoMo, aka National Blog Posting Month. As the little badge indicates, I'll be posting at least SOMETHING every day of November. Two years ago I kicked the month off by bringing another human being into the world. I have yet to trump that one (yes, Ben turns two tomorrow), but who knows?

My second or third year participating in NaBloPoMo (okay, stop laughing at the acronym, you immature gits) I actually won a sort of door prize. "Wait, what? You can win stuff?" you say. Indeed. Just sign up at, get your blog set into the blogroll, and make sure you post for every single day of November. Even a knock-knock joke counts. Then your name/blog goes into the virtual top hat and lucky participants are paired with prizes, quite fairly. Anyway, about the prize I won; it was a container of bath salts from a little store in Manasses,Virginia. Sound familiar? Because it is. It makes a cameo in the "Dionadir bath" scene in Silver. What scent did I pick? The one that reminded me of the honeysuckle in my grandmother's yard in Missouri. It was called "Melusine". *grin*

If you like the concept of NaBloPoMo but don't want to commit to the posting you can always just rock out with the randomizer. Yep, Eden's designed a little gadgety button that takes you to a new, random NaBloPoMo blog with a simple click. Erm, here--> The Great and Powerful Randomizer (pay no attention to the Eden behind the gearworks).

Anyway, there's that. But there's also this:


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