Pretty Maids Tied in a Bow*

Besides having posted three very pretty boys in the post below (let's all take a moment to swoon, shall we?), today I'd like to rant discuss what I think of as "The Rushed Conclusion", or more informally, "What the hell? Twenty hours of build-up for ten minutes of Happily Ever After? The Asymmetry!"

I think it's safe to blog that I am a really big anti-fan of things being too neat. This applies to stories as well. I want things to feel complete, sure, but is perfection the only kind of completion to chase after? I cry foul. If everything ends up with every little loose end tucked safely back into the rope, how has anything really changed or grown from the beginning of the story to the end?

Lately my beef with this sort of thing has been grilled by the Korean dramas I am still, yes, addicted to (moving on, now). Each one has been between 16 to 25 hour-long episodes, during which there's a pretty good pace and the story arc is well developed . . . until one gets to the last episode or two, wherein they often try too hard to make everything seem impossible to overcome or survive the Bad Situation in the current drama, and then, at  the last possible scene everything works out so that everyone gets exactly what they want. This usually takes five to ten minutes.

Ever read a book like that?  Where, yes, all the questions are answered and all the problems solved, but it's like on the second half of the last page? And how annoying is that? Even though everything ends up resolved, it doesn't feel like it, and you come away having this weird kind of niggling in the back of your mind that you've forgotten something, even though you haven't. It IS annoying.

So, my advice, as a consumer of stories, is this: Don't just worry about tying up loose bits at the end. That won't cut it with most of us. You've got to make us work for it.

*A version The Eagles didn't release, as opposed to Pretty Maids All in a Row, which is my favorite Eagles tune.

If my keyboard was equipped to post this in the Korean alphabet, I'd do it.

So, yes, it's after midnight, and I have a glaring headache and a stubborn streak about going to bed any time soon. Might as well blog, yes?

Lately, I've fallen victim to my MISH! and her diabolical plan to never see me finish editing a novel because her latest move involved something called Kdramas. For the uninitiated, these are quirky/fairly innocent nighttime soap operas from Korea. With subtitles. And boy howdy are they addictive. The teenager in me fangasms like mad about them. My husband may have lost all respect for me, because yeah, okay, there is definitely a common thread of hokiness in all of them, even the vigilante revenge one, but COME ON. He knows my biggest time-sucking weakness (and he's strangely encouraging about it ???), and I present the following into evidence.

Kim Hyun Joong, possibly the prettiest male smiler ever.


Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho, who has unfairly long legs.
And finally, the ridiculously beautiful Jang Geun Suk

Apparently, Korea is churning out some seriously pretty Pretty Boys, AKA that aforementioned weakness of mine. In my defense, though, while I might have begun watching because of the scenery, I kept watching because I became more and more interested in the cultural differences. For instance, I've begun learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and wonder if I might some day learn to speak Korean. It's so lyrical. So far, the lessons are going well, even if I'm a little apprehensive about getting into the grammar, because I have English grammar so very deeply ingrained in my knowledge banks. Still, it's been kind of fun! I love language, and I like studying things independently, so . . .

I also determined to mutually get healthier and my sexy back, so I've been working out between 30 minutes and an hour every day, mostly weight and resistance training, but as much as I hate running/cardio, I've even worked in some of that every day. You would not believe how pumped you can get just playing Star Wars Kinect Galaxy Dance off. Guys, I have actual biceps at this point! They're still small, but they're there! Husband and I have a weekend away coming up, and I plan to turn some heads for all the right reasons.

There you have it; what I've been doing instead of editing as much as I should. Summer's coming up soon, so after a week or so readjusting for that schedule, I should get a lot more writing time in, even while nursing my Kdrama affliction.

*sigh* And now I'm finally tired. head's still roaring dully, but I think I can fall asleep. 

Night, guys. Stay safe.