What a Let-down!

Okay, so my one-hundredth post is more of a Post-It, really, because I'm just reminding you guys I do NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) every year, so you're in for at least one post daily in November.

To catch you up, bullets! I love bullets!

Happy Things:

  • Fable survived the taking of his ability to procreate, his shots, and his de-claw (yes, I know some of you will be in an uproar over the last, but I assure you, he is entirely an indoor cat, and in order for him to be a permanent member of our family, he had to be a toddler-friendly cat).
  • I have a new critique partner. We have yet to stop saying things like, "Oh, you enjoy such-n-such? ME TOO!" Which is good. Probably good for you, too, because it's A's job to kick my rear when I slack.
  • I am finally getting new glasses that won't fall off my face with the slightest provocation. They're in the lab now, and since I have Le Toddler, I decided to go with the indestructible, even-if-your-son-sits-on-them-and-somehow-manages-to-wreck-them-we'll-still-fix-them-for-free guaranteed glasses. These, in fact. They're so stretchy you can't break them. Think of long grasses bowing in the wind, not breaking, but the large Oak snapping in two, because it won't bend.
  • Speaking of Le Toddler, he's about to be three. We busted out the 3T clothes, yesterday. I realize I'm biased, but the kid is still too gorgeous for my good.
  • I started spinning wool fiber into stuff that will someday be yarn. I won't bore you with the details, but first, you can blame Jodi, and secondly, considering the colors I like, this ain't your grandmama's yarn. Don't ask me what I'm going to make with it; I don't know. Maybe nothing. Maybe I'll open my own Etsy shop and sell hand-spun yard. Or maybe I'll learn to knit toe socks. I love toe socks. And those fingerless mitts Jodi's always rhapsodizing about.
  • Husband has been head-hunted by large, international corporation for much more pay, and great benefits. Everything has downsides, though, so we're considering all angles. Still, very cool and complimentary THEY tracked HIM down.
Not Happy Stuff:
  • My MISH!'s go at having an indie book store for only children and YA books has come to a close. People in Utah, you are worse off for it. Thankfully, MISH! is a highly resourceful, what's-the-next-plan kind of girl, so she'll be landing on her feet.
  • People I love have been left on this world while people they love have gone on to the next.
  • I have throat crud. So does LT. Betcha everyone will before the week's out.
And the bit of Personal Fact: I can read in a moving car without getting sick. I'm not sure if it's because I never knew one was supposed to get queasy if one read in a moving car, or if it's because I'm just that determined to read, or even if it's part of my unwillingness to puke FOR ANY REASON.