Photog Blog Part Deux

Personal Note: I just got Google Wave, have no idea what to do with it, and I need to make some mach-n-cheese, while I blog here. BEAR WITH THE NEOPHYTE!!

In the role of Drew Christian:
Logan Lerman*****Thomas Dekker

In the role of Melusine:
Saffron Burrows****Lena Heady

In the role of Delia Leighton:
******Cassie Steele**********Elisabeth Moss*****Olivia Thirlby****

In the role of Charles:

Andre Braugher

In the role of Cassandra Leighton:
******Ashley Benson*******

In the role of Jack Campbell:
****Anton Yelchin****

In the role of Matthias Locke:
*William Mosley*
In the role of Victor Solis:
****Jonathan Cake****
In the role of the 'mystery rescuer/Ian Smarrito:
****Matt Lanter****

In the role of Horace Huckleby:
***Rick Hoffman***
You'll notice the absence of Jules. She and Sebastien are the only ones I can't find the right actors for. And now, after all that posting and resizing I'm finished for today. Woohoo!


Holly said...

>D -is suddenly determined to draw Jules as well-
Meanwhile, some photos of both:
danielle panabaker

also, Ian i think closer resembles Sean Faris:

As for Seb...
Ian Somerhalder. if he shaved. ;_; though he might be too old. n-not to mention the white blonde hair........

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