I might be at my best when I'm bossing someone around.

Personal Notes: I routinely horrify my dryer.

Getting over heartbreak, and in particular first heartbreak, is like having the flu (stick with me, I promise I'm going somewhere with it). So, you're (heart)sick, and you need medicine to help you get better. Your doctor prescribes an antibiotic, and he tells you to make sure you take it all, no matter what. You get home, your mom makes you hot Jasmine tea with honey and lemon (or she SHOULD), and you basically become a cave-dweller under your sheets, fighting off all the fluids at least someone is trying to force down you. You take your antibiotic religiously because you feel like complete dog poo and you're willing to do anything to make that stop.

You continue this on Day Two and Day Three... But then, Day Four. On day four you actually feel a lot better. You're still pretty weak and you can only eat tiny little portions, but hey! You think, "I'm over the touch part, in the home stretch!" so maybe you forget to take your antibiotic at breakfast and lunch. But you're not worried, it's only a little slip-up, and it can't do much damage, right? I mean, it's only ONE TIME! You messed up ONCE, no big.

By Day Five you feel great again. In fact, your are some serious restless and you can't wait to go out with your friends and find out what all you missed. Annnnnd, you totally forget your antibiotic at home, just like you do for the next two days. After that, it's too easy to say, "Hey, I'm healed, no point driving myself nuts having to schedule meds."

But what's happening inside your body is WAR. The virus you have isn't dead. It's just playing dead so you won't notice it running around, learning the tricks to get AROUND your freakin' antibiotic, because YOU gave it a break. You closed your mouth and opened the floodgates, because now that virus is in HYPER DRIVE. Survival of the fittest, baby, and your already-weakened immune system is not up for this crap.

Your antibiotic is called Time. I'm pretty sure your HMO covers it. Take all your medicine. It's a very, very nasty bug, love.


Brianne M Heavey said...

You're very proud of this little bit, aren't you? Hahahah. It was very nicely put. And I cant thank you enough for bossing me around.

Anonymous said...

haha, i like this. it's true, but does that mean that you have to take this antibiotic forever? when do you stop?

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