Terminating a romantic relationship is a difficult thing to have done.

Personal Notes: There's a cake in my kitchen, waiting to be iced. I am avoiding it like the plague. Who even knows why.

The above subject translates into, "Breaking up is hard to do...especially after you've done it." The reason for this is simple.

A. A friend of mine is suffering through that wonderful feeling of post-break up, and

B. A character of mine is about to be, and . . .

They're both facing the same kind of pain, because breaking up--present tense--is only half the fall out. In fact, it might even be the easier part. It's momentary, singular. It might hurt more sharply than what comes, but who's to say an insistent, unceasing ache is any less miserable than the stab of a second?

It's a short post. What does one do after a break up? The answers are individual and private, but it's still a really good question.


Robyn said...

A. Then you ARE trying to kill me. You don't post a blog like this and then hold out on the chapter- it's mean!

B. Yes, I did post the Crucible comment from yesterday; I love that play, even if it's unbelievably frustrating. If you haven't read it, you need to.

C. I'm getting through things right now; I'll note you about it on dA when I get the chance, I'm writing now and watching SNL, but I promise I'll do it later.

Brianne said...

Agreed. The Breaking up was the easier part. Days following I just cried. Now, it's this annoying little pain thats always just beneath the surface. No matter how much I hide it.

Ugh. Thank God for you and Kevin.

mental mosaic said...

Hi! I've wandered to your blog via NaBloPoMo, so it's my first time here.

I'm sorry about your break-up, btw. Never a fun thing to go through!

Nice to meet you. I will be back. :)

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