Stealing Bria’s Ideas

Today (or yesterday? I’m sick, cut me some slack), Bria Quinlin posted a fun little terminology refresher course on her blog, challenging others to correctly match up literary terms (devices, in this instance) with their definitions. I love a challenge, so I accepted, but mayhaps you also love a challenge.  I’ll write my own answers near the bottom of this post with a big “SPOILER BLOCKER” image in between, and you can compare your answers to mine, after you’ve gone over to Bria’s and done the quiz yourself.


  1. A
  2. H
  3. J
  4. E
  5. W
  6. N
  7. P
  8. A
  9. R
  10. S
  11. O
  12. Y
  13. G
  14. F
  15. B
  16. V
  17. K
  18. M
  19. I
  20. L
  21. T
  22. C
  23. Q
  24. X
  25. U

All in all, I scored a seventy-six, mixing up E, G, M, X, and F.


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