Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Personal Notes:  Two things. First, Office 07 still doesn’t consider ‘aint’ a word, which makes me love it more; secondly, I am apparently still a contender for Coolest Wife Ever, because I rather unwittingly bought a snazzy presale copy of my husband’s new video game (DragonAge: Origins), which means it has a crap-ton of cool XBoxLive downloads and whatnot.

Meanwhile, I will not be boring you with tales of holiday frivolity (unless of course you ask to hear about the ruined potatoes, the Guitar Hero: World Tour marathon, or the tragedy of my relatives not knowing anything about ‘80’s music), but for right now, I’d really like you to scope out the sidebar to your left.  Down  . . . down . . . there!  That' purplish, bluish rectangle that says something about being powered by SocialVibe. You know how much I support To Write Love On Her Arms, and now you can help, and it just takes a few minutes. This time of year is the toughest time for som, but you can lend them your shoulder, your heart in a way.

Take a few minutes spamming your various social networks with these free, usually one-question doohoockies.  I mean seriously, how many of you already have those annoying widgety things on Facebook or MySpace with zoos or farms or whatnot?  This is just as simple and no more intrusive than those dealies, only for every “quiz” you answer the sponsoring company of said '”quiz” donates money to the organization of choice. So far, I’ve only seen to TWLOHA, but I know I saw a link for Invisible Children, too. Have you SEEN what that’s about?  It’s mind-blowing.  Seriously, GOOGLE IT.

And on that note I leave you, sitting there in front of your keyboard . . . with your conscience, and your five minutes to kill.


Brianne M Heavey said...

I run an Invisible Children group ;) lol

Anonymous said...

I buy Invisible Children cookies from the club at our school.


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