A Fluff Post OR “Ooo, pretty!”

Personal Notes: One of my lovely little betas sang a solo with the church choir today, and it made me super proud! Awesomoso, B!

So, last night, while my hair was going from faded stop-sign-red to fresh stop-sign-red, I killed time by checking out this Sunday’s secrets at PostSecret. At the bottom of the page there was a YouTube video; The All-American Rejects had remixed their video for “Dirty Little Secret” (a song known to be on Ian’s playlist) to work with a PostSecret theme.

Anyone can tell you, I can love a band and have no clue what any of its members look like. It’s totally common for me. Comes from liking so many different kinds of music, I think. Anyway, the point is, I had never seen a photo of Tyson Ritter, the frontman for AAR before this little video. But the second I looked at that guy, singing that song with that cocky little expression, his dark, wavy hair, and his ice-blue ice, I knew I was looking at IAN. You want to know exactly what Ian looks like? Here:


Robyn said...


I always imagined him with brighter eyes and a narrower face, shorter and with straight hair.

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