It's a Good Day to have been born with a Great Name

Personal note: Paramore's "Fences" is totally big-band-swinging around and around in my head. Dig it.

You might have wandered over here from one of a few places, and more than likely I've had pretty much the same name at all of them. There's a fantastic reason for this.

Simply put, my name's my name. I was born with it. Hades, actually I was conceived with it. My dad once said to my mother something like, "Dear, one day we'll have a daughter, and we'll name her 'Amethyst Greye'," and my mother replied something like "Wonderful! And we can call her 'Amy' for short . . . but first we have to get married."

I put an end to the 'Amy' nonsense at the age of twelve. 'Amy' was the most popular girl's name the year I came into the world and therefore much too common for an original individual such as myself.

My mother is pretty sure the 'Greye' comes from my father's biggest literary obsession, Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Remember, Gandalf started out as 'Gandalf the Grey'. Dad threw on an extra 'e' to make it more feminine, and there you have it.

I like to think--even though he passed away when I was four--my dad somehow knew I would grow up to be someone who needed an outstanding name and that's why he obliged.

Amethyst Greye Alexander. Doesn't it sound like it'd be right at home on the cover of novels?

ALSO! Please look to your left at the heading entitled 'Declarations'. That, my friends, is my triumph over technology for today. Every time you refresh this page you get another favorite quote of mine randomly displayed. Only ten right now, but I have evil plans!


Michelle said...

You always have evil plans. Fortunately, I'm aware of most of them. Mwahahaha!

Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

One must have cohorts and a retinue to be TRULY E-VILE!

Anonymous said...

Haha, you told me about your middle name once beleive it or not.

((btw its xcheerfulpessimistx from dA))

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