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I have noticed a trend with the current series. It happens to every major character in one or another book--sometimes more than one--and even happens with me on occasion.

All of us have lost our ever-loving minds. Some might argue that the characters' minds are stolen, considering how their minds come to be lost (i.e. their author decides it's time for them to lose it), but all the same, the brain flies the coop and is temporarily unavailable for consultation.

In my case, of course the loss is caused by one of two things:

  • The classic "Internal Struggle", wherein I argue with myself over the quality of writing, if the characters' actions are realistic, or some other thing.
  • The classic "External Struggle", wherein I try really, really hard not to kill anyone in my house for not giving me half an hour, just thirty consecutive minutes, to stare at my monitor until the former struggle resolves itself.

Trust me, the characters' loss of all logical sense is much more entertaining than mine . . . and usually less explosive. I have all sorts of variations of 'lost your/her/his/my/their mind/s' running around those books by now finding them should play out sort of like a verbal Where's Waldo?

Meantime, personal factoid of the day? I like vanilla much better when it comes to coffee or ice cream, but I can eat my weight in truffles.

Have now kicked technology's butt all over Hades and half of Georgia. COMMENTS WORK!



Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

Testy, testy.

Robb said...

more testies. and what a gorgeous looking blog. are you and michelle working on these together? You both have great looking pages and now I want a blog too.

Michelle said...

Aw, I was hoping to be the first to comment. Robb beat me to it. Love the blog; look forward to reading more.

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