Love Roller Coaster

I don't have a cell phone. This isn't some high-minded tech-cist philosphical choice, though. I've just not needed a cell, save for the year 2004 when my husband was in Iraq, and I wanted the minor additional "there-ness" a cell afforded me. Now, however, I'm getting busier and busier, getting closer to a point where one makes sense . . . and I'm the kind of girl who'd rather not have a toy unless she gets just the one she wants. So! I'm saving up for a LG EnV3 in maroon, because, Heaven help me, I think that little clamshell beauty is awesome.

What else do I love? Yep, Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Things to Remember:

  1. Just because someone tells you "no" does not mean they no longer like/love you.
  2. God knows what He's doing. Shut up and wait for Him to clue you in.
  3. 5 out of 20 or so is actually a nice amount, around one-fourth.
  4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers where not thinking of the debut author submission process when they wrote that song, but you don't mind.

Last night I got some pretty encouraging news. Today I got some slightly discouraging news. Considering writing is a labor of love (after all, Walter Wellesley said, "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein."), the RHCP song title fits. In the last 24 hours I've been both up and down.

Usually, I hate heights, but I was getting kind of attached to last night's. I had multiple 'industry people' saying, "Hey, I like the idea of that," and that, my friends and foes, felt really good. It was like someone whispering in my ear, "This could really happen! You've got an heir and a spare!" I had options. I had a little cushiony space, in case of emergencies. And I like those cushions! One was hilarious and light, and would've made for a really good pillow fight, I bet. The other seemed to be more job-oriented, there to get that cushioning done, or else, and that was good too. That one was the kind of pillow who was going to dive-bomb the floor, getting there before me if I fell off the couch (trust me, I can fall off a couch without assistance).

I lost my squishy cushion today. My possible pillow-fight buddy decided she wasn't quite right for my sofa. I am bummed. I don't hold it against her--not at all. I know how this works. She didn't decline my couch because she suddenly didn't think I was a cool enough girl. It was the couch she wasn't quite sure about. I guess the point is, knowing and feeling that are two totally different things.

My up is a down, even if I have that other cushion. I don't know anything personal about, though. I know my lost cushion was funny (she had the best joke embroidered in one corner). I know she was upbeat. I know I would have really, really enjoyed sharing the couch with her. That's why I'm bummed. This new cushion isn't a sure bet by any means, but I have no idea if I'll connect on a personal level with it, which is something I want to consider, in the event it wants its own little dent in the seat of my sofa.

I need some corners, maybe some applique.