Thank Goodness it's Not a Seahorse, or I'd Drown

Personal Notes: When talking on the phone odds are very, very good I am pacing or walking in circles. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with my inability to hold still for much more than sleeping or reading. In fact, one of my husband's earliest memories of me involves my morning pacing session between rows of seats during eighth grade homeroom. Even our homeroom teacher remembers that.

Speaking of the husband, yesterday was our ninth anniversary. *big wicked grin* We won't get to celebrate for another week or two (schedules!), but when the clocked ticked over to Midnight into the 22nd he made sure to tell me getting to make a life every day with his best friend has been the most amazing experience. See, every once in a while he gets the whole 'romantic' thing just right. :D
I have started the first draft of Golden's chapter five, and some of the more detailed reader critiques for Silver have begun trickling in so I'll soon be faced with the question of whether or not I've done as right by the book as I possibly can. Have I? Am I being too picky? Or am I perhaps being just a bit chicken about it all, afraid of the guaranteed rejection that comes with submission like peanut butter and jelly? I want the book to be the best it can be of course, but how much is my fear affecting my judgement?

I'm giving myself one more pass of the manuscript in a couple of weeks. No more quibbling. After that it's sink or swim.

Anyone got some scuba gear I can borrow?


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