Taking just a second to say two (I think?) things about Cassandra Clare's City of Bones.

  • One, while I totally get the logic in using Stephenie Meyer's name to hawk a product (sell, baby, sell!) I'm still a little disturbed by how the cover designers actually worked the cover so Meyer's endorsement of the book featured more visibly than the author's name, and possibly even the title of the book. And me, being the girl with an obstinate rebellious streak, almost did NOT buy the book just because I thought that was pretty freakin' tacky.
  • Two, at first I didn't really enjoy the book. I don't know if my 'editor' pants where stuck around my ankles or what, but I just couldn't stop nit-picking, but then I took myself by the collar and told myself to stop being a hag about it and really started enjoying the book. It's not my favorite, but it's one I'll likely reread in future, and I don't regret buying the first two in one purchase. In fact, Clare even has one particular character I'm a bit envious of, because she's developed him beautifully and he is sharp. His name is Jace, if you're curious and want to check out City of Bones, though I do suggest you try Wal-Mart instead, because I got it there for a buck cheaper and obviously sans postage.

So, there's that. Also, the fact that it's another almost-500-pager worries me. In comparison Silver's anorexic. I think I have word-count issues.

Amethyst out!


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