Of What Am I Afraid?

Lately (and by lately, I actually mean a few years), I have found myself not only terrified of writing, but too scattered to even attempt it. This is not to say the feeling has gone away. It's just as bad, but a friend of mine asked me a question yesterday, gave me a piece of advice, and made me a promise.

Question: These ideas you have, do you write them down? Make notes?

Answer: Well, yeah, I do, but they aren't linear. I'm not sure how much good they do. It's not like they make sense as puzzle pieces that fit together. They're just cool snapshots of things that happen in the story. I do love the little darlings, though.

Advice: Then just keep doing that for now. Write down everything you think of until it all makes sense.

The Promise: If you die in some tragic accident before you get published, I will take all your notes and hire a ghostwriter for you, and get you published posthumously.

That, my peeps, is a friend.