Dionadir Trilogy Ponies!

Okay, so I'm incredibly cheesy and am practically pogo-sticking my way onto this band wagon, just like Jodi Meadows and Beth Revis, but it's just so much fun, and I too loved My Little Pony as a little girl (strange, since I never got into Barbies . . . I think it had to do with styling manes and tails).

Anyway, I will probably grind this concept unto death, but for now I'm just giggly and girlie about it, and have only made a Sebastien pony. You're not REQUIRED to look, you know.  You just get extra cool points for doing so.

Thanks for the pony-creating "game" (program) goes to deviant General Zoi over at deviantArt. You have made many people squeal with delight, madame.

Please note the only slightly tan coat, the hint of lightning-lit storm-cloud blues throughout, dignified posture, bit of mockery in the grin, and elegant wings representing Sebastien's protective nature.

Pony Joss is cuter and better read than you.

Personal Note: I can wiggle my nose in all directions, curl my tongue, arch one eyebrow at a time, and bring my heels flush up against my pelvis, with my knees flat to the ground. Such is the extent of my Stupid Human Trickery.


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