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Personal Notes: At the bottom of the post today, due to its overwhelming cuteness, and the pixel blitz this blog is hosting today. Also, I have to post today, so it looks like things are rocking in two parts.

I'm not quite as computer savvy as I'd like to be. I'm a total internet junkie, one of those people who either keeps her email open in the back tab of her browser, or checks it thirty times a day, and I love the social networking, etc., but the programming aspect? Well, let's just say I wish I were more Geek Chic (my husband is; I married an adorkable). I have friends who would know what they were doing if I asked them to webmaster something for me, they just won't be asking me to lend my expertise, because I would break something (hey, there is power in knowing your limitation, too).

But you know what I can do? I can copy, resize, and post a few dozen pictures of people I think might be good fits for playing characters from the Dionadir trilogy . . . and yes, I know how egotistical that kind of sounds, but trust me, every writer I've ever know has tried to find an actor who embodies their character. It's not just me. All you writers, quit ducking and running. Own your arrogance.

In the role of Jocelyn Oliviero:

Margarita Levieva********Brooke Nevin*********Jessy Schram*******Kara's sketch of Joss

In the role of Sebastien Solis:

Kara's sketch of Sebastien for ref.

In the role of Tristan Solis:

*****Grant Alan***************Travis Van Winkle*********Christopher Egan

In the role of Bronwyn Solis:
****Deborah Ann Woll*************Zoe Boyle*****FeliceFawn, Aleksa*********Molly C. Quinn


Anonymous said...

Ben is too cute ^^ hah.

I really like the choices. But I saw that we were missing a Sebastian? I found one guy who kinda could do it. Heres a pic. I don't know, it's not perfect.

And he might be a little too old looking. I don't know.


Holly said...

Awwwww, Ben is too cute!
Also, i think your voice sounds a little like Harley Quinn's. its awesome.
D: looking at these photos makes me realize i forgot to do a drawing for you of Sebastien! But i will do it.

Robyn said...

Aww, Ben is adorable!

I always imagined Joss with a rounder face and a load of freckles. I saw the perfect picture for her awhile back, but I can't seem to find it now. Here's the closest I've got:

My connectino with dA's being weird right now, but I'll look for the better one as soon as I can :)

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